West Coast Greetings… West Coast Reflections
West Coast Greetings… West Coast Reflections

West Coast Greetings… West Coast Reflections

A Room with A View

Greetings from Vancouver Island…where an historic weather bomb is currently lashing the coast! 💨💨🌊💦💦🌊 

The view from my study window today is very different from the placid view I described in September, when I last touched base. 

Today, rain pummels the glass, and I peer through a blur of water and shredded leaves to the whipped ocean beyond. Whitecaps look surf-able today… My inner dog is invigorated! 🐶

Exploring Autism: Two Minds, Two Memoirs

I’m also excited to share an autism resource with you that is very much an offering from the heart: an exploration of autism via two memoirists seeking to understand—and support—two beloved family members, a son and a sibling.

You will recognize me and What’s Not Allowed?A Family Journey with Autism. My co-presenter is BC Sunshine Coast author Claire Finlayson—Dispatches from Ray’s Planet: A Journey Through Autism

The event was hosted by the West Vancouver Memorial Library on October 14th and timed to coincide with Canadian Autism Awareness Month (October). The attendees were far-flung, one tuning in real time “the next day” in Tokyo! 

Join Us via YouTube 

Exploring Autism: Two Minds, Two Memoirs – YouTube

Our Family Journeys Continue

Canadian Autism Awareness Month is winding down…but autism support and family journeys continue. If you’re a parent, a sibling, an auntie or uncle, a grandparent or anyone supporting a loved one with autism, you know this and live this reality. Ongoing autism support is part of our shared weave.

The audience response to our author-to-author conversation was heartfelt, passionate and appreciative. Many questions and comments continued to flow after the event wrapped up. 

I like knowing what resonates, what people are thinking and feeling and how our journeys overlap. And of course, how we can support and learn from one another.

Claire and I invite you to join us via the above link. Please consider sharing our conversation as a point of connection and a resource for other families who may need to hear this.

Thank you from us both!

Till next time! Cheers, Teresa

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