“What’s Not Allowed? reaches out and touches the readertears and laughter, equal partswhich is the human condition.

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A Parting Gift from Erik

In the summer of 2017, Erik and I devoted our quarterly Autism Matters magazine article to happiness: “I Have Autism and I Need Your Help: Cultivating and Maintaining a Happy Default Mode.” One of the features was Erik’s 17 Things I Do To Make Me Feel Happy. Click on the audio clips below to discover some of Erik’s go-to methods. Find the article under the Creations/Articles tab.

Erik’s “17 Things I Do To Make Me Feel Happy”

How do we teach happiness? 1. Point out positive role models 2. Show positive attitude = magnetic 3. Identify “What makes me happy?” 4. Show and project happiness
For Me, Happiness Is…
1. Old Pictures
2. New Pictures
3. Laughing Box
How To Feel Happy: Positive Self-Talk; List Achievements; Do Something Nice for Yourself; Special Interests / Hobbies
4. Positive Self-Talk
5. Celebrate the Little Things
6. List Achievements
7. Find the Wonderful in Today
How To Feel Happy: Listen to Music; Be Active; Surround Yourself with Positive People; Volunteer
8. Do Something Nice for Yourself Every Day
9. Special Interests / Hobbies
10. Watch Favorite Movies
Why Cultivate Happiness Goals? Inner Harmony; Inspiration; Considerate; Open-Minded

Stay tuned for the remaining seven tips from Erik. . . 🙂

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