“Through their creative videos, Erik and his family powerfully advocate for autism appreciation—that different does not mean wrong and is in fact an important part of the joy that comes from being able to learn from one another.”

~ Jonathan A. Weiss


Collaborative Video Projects

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Erik’s Video Projects: A View From the Shoes of Autism

The following videos are part of Erik’s Autism Shoe Views channel. To view the videos, click on the buttons, below.


ASD Snapshots: Moments in Time that Define…

ASD Snapshots is a collection of short vignettes—truly, snapshots in time—that define or illuminate something about autism: understanding, support, perspective.

The snapshots are drawn from the What’s Not Allowed? manuscript, so they serve as “samplers.” Some of the stories appear in the book; others represent what was left behind…or perhaps written afterward.

To access the snapshots, click on the corresponding button. Enjoy!


Pandemic & Autism

This collection of articles was written during the pandemic—very much in response to our ever-changing environment and what that meant to those with autism.

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How To…

These articles were written as the framework for two presentations in the Spring of 2021: Supporting Military Families on the Move and Marketing Your Book in a Time of COVID & Beyond.

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Autism Matters Magazine: “I Have Autism and I Need Your Help”

In 2012, Teresa and Erik began writing a mother-son article series for Autism Ontario’s Autism Matters magazine.

Each article is titled “I Have Autism and I Need Your Help” and each contains a help suffix such as “Learning to Self-Regulate” and “Connecting and Regulating Through Nature” and “Managing Transitions and Change.

Both Erik’s view from the shoes of autism and Teresa’s support perspective are highlighted. Erik provides the artwork for the series.

Below is an overview which provides detail as to how the series emerged and grew.

Click the button to watch a video: mother-son collaborative writing process.

Click the button to read the launch article: “I Have Autism and I Need Your Help.

Here are six additional “I Have Autism and I Need Your Help” articles which you may find helpful, whether you are a professional supporting families or whether you are a parent or caregiver supporting a family member with autism.

Click the buttons below and you will be taken to a Tip Sheets page. Select Parenting a Child with Autism, about half way down. Click the article title and corresponding number to access the downloadable PDF.


Autism Ontario Online Articles

In 2015, Autism Ontario began a campaign called Raise the Flag for Autism. The idea was that in raising the Autism Ontario flag in schools and organizations throughout Ontario on World Autism Awareness DayApril 2ndautism awareness would be highlighted.

Autism Ontario created a Raise the Flag for Autism website, and invited Canadians to share stories detailing their lives with autism.

“The Sun in Our Sons” is one such story, and it shines a light on autism the good. Click on the button beneath the thumbnail to read the story.

2015 was also the year Autism Ontario celebrated 40 years in Ontario. “An Oasis of Understanding”below, rightdescribes the effect of supportive organizations such as Autism Ontario and the Comox Valley Child Development Association. Click on the button to read the article.