Meet Teresa

Meet Teresa

“Teresa Hedley is a “one of a kind” in the world of autism spectrum disorders: advocate, writer, teacher and parent. She has navigated through the tumultuous expedition armed with a steadfast attitude and a wonderful sense of humour.”

~ Patricia O’Connor

Who am I? Well, it depends on who’s asking. . . but here’s a snapshot to get started:

Teresa Hedley is the author of What’s Not Allowed? A Family Journey with Autism (Wintertickle Press, 2020), a memoir which offers an uplifting approach to mining the best version of each of us—autism or not.

Teresa is also an educator and a curriculum designer. Teaching stints in Canada, Japan, Greece, Spain and Germany have shaped her perspective and inform her writing. As an armed forces family, the Hedleys have lived coast to coast in Canada.

Aiming to build resilience in families living with autism, Teresa and her son Erik co-wrote a twenty-article series for Autism Ontario’s Autism Matters magazine, “I Have Autism and I Need Your Help”
(2012 – 2018).

Teresa worked directly with families and school boards in Ottawa as an autism consultant and advocate. The Hedley family presented at national conferences, on Parliament Hill, Ottawa and on the TEDx stage in Toronto. Check out the Collaborations and Creations tabs for details and for a glimpse at videography through the eyes of autism.

In partnership with the Family Education Centre, Teresa co-designed an interactive online parenting program, Pathways to Potential: Parenting Children & Youth with Autism. See Collaborations/Programs to learn more.

Teresa and her family live and play on Vancouver Island. When she is not gardening, kayaking or filling her pockets with shells and rocks, Teresa continues to write, present and advocate for individuals with autism.

“Teresa’s understanding of autism and her practical management and compassion make a powerful and compelling guide to anyone, professional or parent, family or friend.

Over my 30 year career as a teacher, social worker and mental health clinician, I would have been overjoyed to have this book as a resource for my co-workers and clients. I trust the book will touch you as deeply as it has me.”