West Coast Greetings
West Coast Greetings

West Coast Greetings

Hi from Vancouver Island! It’s been a summer of extremes: heat, drought and hours watering the gardens…and a whole lot of time pulled close to the keyboard, compiling this website. And here we are—launched!

As mentioned on the Home page, my hope is that this site serves as a resource for parents, professionals and for those on the outside looking in at the autism journey.

Nothing Stays the Same

Language and thinking around autism, neurodiversity and inclusion are continuously—and thankfully—evolving, and these advocacy projects reflect that evolution.

Some of the projects address the dynamics around autism directly, such as the recent ECCE & ASD Strategies and Insights presentation. Others represent the language of the time, some of which is no longer used.

A Springboard

As well as a resource, it is my hope that this site be reciprocal—a sort of springboard for conversation and thought. I would love to hear from you and receive your feedback, questions and ideas via the Connection tab.

And of course, I am always thrilled to discover your comments on Amazon, Chapters-Indigo and on Goodreads. If inspired, please leave a review on any or all of these sites. Every word helps to spread the messages contained in What’s Not Allowed. I appreciate your support!

Thank you for taking the time to visit teresahedley.ca. I hope you’ll linger, meander and share this site with others.

~ Cheers, Teresa

P.S. An exciting update…WNA is in the pool of Canadian books being reviewed for the Governor General’s Literary Award—nonfiction. Results are announced in the Fall 2021.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for more details around what promises to be a lively and candid discussion between me and Sunshine Coast author Claire Finlayson, Dispatches from Ray’s Planet: A Journey Through Autism. The West Vancouver Public Library is hosting this dual-author Zoom presentation, October 14/21—”Exploring Autism: Two Minds. Two Memoirs.”

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